6.24.09 #10
June 24th, 2009

6.24.09 #10

The second one done all on the Cintiq… feeling really at home with it now. I’ve decided that if I really miss the traditional inking, (or if someone wants to buy the original “inked” version) I’ll print out the “pencil” rough and ink over that by hand, call the original “sold” and that’d be that.

Happy Wednesday & see you soon,



More animation!

Tech Tips:

Written by Michael Jantze
Animation, me.

Because cartoon head trauma is funny.

Good luck!



Hey! I get to show one of the things I’ve been working on lately:

Animated Zits!

Produced by Jantze Studios
Directed by Michael Jantze
Animation – Me!
Sound – Jory Prum (studio.jory.org)
Embellishments – Chris Turner (his website) & Michael Jantze

Fun project – oh, how I love my job.

Good luck!



Another break in the action, folks – I’m sorry for the delay, but work deadlines have me pinned! In the meantime I hope you find these bits from my sketchbook enough to whet your appetite for what’s to come. I’ve recieved some really great feedback, and it’s gotten me really charged up about where to take this li’l tale o’ mine. I’ll start again when I’m more squared away on the animation  projects I’m working on –  shouldn’t be too long, but I’ll post more from the “pre-production” stage in the days to come. Again, thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment and/or ask questions!

Wow – a week already?!

Happy February, all! Well, well – it’s been a week (or a tad over) already? Oof – ok, I’m behind. I’ve been noodling and toying with the next strip more than I should, really, but I’m liking how it’s shaping up. So, this week for sure.

Also, to answer a common question, “Working The Void” is a weekly update. I’m going to eventually get to the three-times-a-week level (ha ha – maybe), but work comes first, after all. But thanks to everyone for asking! I do really appreciate it. I love hearing from people either way about the strip (that’s the main idea behind this endeavor – a strip a week allows for people to ask questions, tell me what they like/don’t like, gives me time to work on the next strip, etc…) and hopefully learn new things in the process. So! Ask away, (you can leave a comment or email me, but let me know if you’d rather I didn’t post parts of your questions – I’ll never post your email address, though – rest assured) either about the strip, animation or art in general and I’ll do my best to answer or point you to someone who knows more than me.

Until next time, good luck, stay out of trouble, and thanks for stopping by.


1.21.08 #5 (Well, not really…)

Well, I had planned on this strip being #5, but the story has taken a turn, dear readers. So, here you see the strip as it was to be, but now it’ll probably end up being #15 or so… by then I’m sure you’ll have forgotten you’d ever seen it and it will seem fresh and new, ha ha! Especially with the gripping tale that will accompany it. So, consider this a placeholder while I desperately re-write. Well, “desperately” is a bit dramatic, but I really don’t want to keep y’all waiting. Actually, it’ll be next week again, probably (I can’t remember if I’ve said anywhere on here that the strip is updated weekly – I know I did on the old site, but… oh well… another detail to correct at some point…) but take heart! I am also collecting various drawings and notes and am going to set up a gallery of “behind the scenes” art & such… plus I’ll be waxing eloquent on the trials of an animator (that’s me, by the way) trying to write a comic strip (this one). For some, it’s easy (or so it seems). For me, I’m plagued with a multitude of every-day life things that conspire to keep me from whiling away the hours that I would otherwise spend on this side-project. Who knows – maybe someday it won’t be simply a side-project. More like “The Broadway Production of “WORKING THE VOID”” adapted for the stage by Mel Brooks. Ok, so maybe not.

Wishing you good luck and adventure!