10.24.07 #2

Radical rewrite for this strip. Although I had planned on going with the original writing and all, I just wasn’t happy with it the way it was. Not sure if this version is going to work out better or not just yet. I do know that the inking style is going to change – probably with the next strip as the first two strips are the only ones I ever inked. Maybe I’ll post a before and after version assuming I get around to inking the strip by next week.A note about the ship they’re flying: I put a lot of thought into this thing – and it still doesn’t feel quite right for some reason. I wanted something with a lot of bulk that the crew would be perched on top of, rather than seated deep within, so that they could lean “out” and “over” the sides to get a good look around, much like the cockpits of F-16s.So I started out with a saucer-shape, and it was too close to another very famous saucer-shaped ship from a much more famous strip…

Then I tried a thin-bodied tall ship.

Eventually I came to this, which is pretty close to what is pictured in the strip above.

And finally, the first rough pass at the layout of today’s strip.

Until next time, venture forth!



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